Can we clone Dinosaurs? Or who are DINOSAURS???

If this is a term you are not familiar with, maybe you imagined that creepy snake or lizard that haunts you the most, or perhaps the huge Anaconda from the infamous movies crossed your mind?
If you know what it means, just one image came to mind, and I don't have to give examples this time.
Absolutely. Creatures that no longer exist. & if they did, we would not have.
The Dinosaurs.
We can probably all agree that dinosaurs were magnificent creatures. Fossilized bones, waste, vegetation of that time and so on provide a great deal of insight into their power & form. Despite that, looking further into it, we don't find much
Differences in the knowledge we can gain from various books, research papers, documentaries, & other sources.
With our knowledge of material remains found so far and the molds of these majestic reptiles, we are only able to speculate what their behaviour, eating habits and homes would have been like.
Functionality of the reproductive system, etc.

Let's take a closer look at these dinosaurs in a completely different way with this book, which will leave you in awe.

When Dinosaurs Ruled

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